Your 2018 Guide For PC Building

When one thinks about building their own PC or even a compact industrial PC, they fear that the assembly process will be a challenge when in reality the challenge lies in the picking the correct components to use. The guide is made for general purchases and the author will not be recommending specific brands and components. Buying guide for peripherals such as keyboards and mice is also not included within the topic.

  • When buying the PC case, one has to acknowledge that it is important because it affects the type of GPU and CPU that can be installed inside. The case is also a determining factor when picking out storage alternative and peripherals. It is crucial that the cooling equipment fits inside the case. Regardless of whether you will be opening or changing equipment every time, the case you choose will impact your interaction with your entire system.
  • There are many choices when it comes to cooling such as the heatsinks manufactured by Intel and AMD which are included in the processors they develop. There other advanced options available such as oil immersion rigs without fan and Freon units equipped with multiple stages. Majority of computer enthusiasts tend to favour prosaic air cooling options.
  • For the motherboard, the capacity of your system will depend greatly on it. This will also determine if your system can be expanded in the future and by how much. The market currently sells three of the most common types, ATX motherboards, micro-ATX and mini-ITX.
  • When choosing a CPU, remember that your motherboard will depend on it and vice-versa. The CPU must be able to fit into the motherboard therefore the motherboard must have the correct number of holes/pins in order for the two to work together. The proper term for this is socket standard – LGA1151 for Intel and Socket AM4 for AMD.
  • If you are planning to build a compact industrial PC with a GPU, you might be shocked with the current prices of the component in the market. This is unfortunately brought about by the popularity of the cryptocurrencies. For now, it is best to make use of the current ones you have, buy a second hand or make-do until the cryptocurrency hype settles down.