Why Tech Detoxing Is Gaining Ground In Some Hotels

The hospitality industry is not exempted from the technological innovations that are transforming industries. At the villa in Koh Tao, guests will enjoy fast internet connections aside from the usual shuttle service and concierge services. The hospitality industry has to evolve and incorporate technology in order to be successful.

Voice and natural language processing technologies have advanced enough so that questions can be easily interpreted and intelligent answers provided. Machine learning allowed Siri and other voice platforms to become more intelligent. By allowing a virtual assistant to manage mundane tasks like taking food orders, humans can use their valuable time towards more meaningful interactions with customers and tackling complex issues.

Some hotels are using augmented reality (AR) to make guest experience more compelling. For example, Holiday Inn has devised an AR experience for their guests during the 2012 Olympic Games in the UK. Guests were able to view realistic and virtual representations of the sports celebrities that stayed in the hotel through their mobile phones.

Ironically, as more technologies are being used in hotels and resorts, there is also the concept of tech detoxing that is gaining popularity. Hotel chain Wyndham Grand offers incentives to guests when they leave their mobile gadgets and “go off-grid” during their stay. If guests are not busy surfing the web and checking their social media accounts, they are more aware of the beauty of their surroundings and the amenities that the hotel provides.

When guests are not busy with Facebook and Instagram, they tend to use more of the hotel services and amenities. With the promotional pricing in exchange of going off the grid, guests have an excuse to unplug their phones and have a better and more exhilarating hotel experience. Besides that, a human hotel concierge is a better option for hotel customers than a robot.

Human interaction and technology can be expected by guests at the villa in Koh Tao, an exclusive and luxurious private pool villa. You certainly do not need technology to enjoy total privacy and the panoramic view of the resort. All that a guest needs to do is relax while the hotel staffs take care of everything.