When Is It Time To Buy A New Computer?

If you are in a computer related business such as perthweb design or just an ordinary citizen who invests a lot of time in front of a computer, then you are probably wondering when it is time to change your computer. This is probably one of the most asked questions in the world of Information Technology.

Most computer vendors would say that you should change your computer every three years. Your accountant would tell you to change it every five years and your wallet would tell you to stick with the one you got right now unless it is broken. With all of these suggestions, it can really be difficult to know when a person should change his or her computer.

But according to IT specialists, the answer would be “it depends.

The refresh cycle would tell you to make replacements or upgrades on a periodic or a regular basis. To put it simply, this would have to be somewhere in between three to seven years. Quite a lot of time, is it not?

But the right time to change computers is not determined by a when, but with a why. There are factors to be considered as to when computers should be changed. The first one is how important is the computer to your business. If your business is highly dependent on computers then your refresh cycle should be shortened because you would need computers that function at their best and making upgrades on your computer could change your business playing field.

The second factor to consider is how hard it is to make upgrades or replacements in terms of system. When system replacements are hard to come by should be shorter and if it is easy, the cycle should be longer.

The last factor to consider is the total cost of ownership. Some vendors would increase maintenance fees in order to coax people into buying a new system. When you have considered all of these factors, the last thing to do is to develop a complete budget. Just make sure to spread out the costs accordingly.