Using BBC iPlayer In Ireland

The use of BBC iPlayer in Ireland desktop application has its many benefits for its frequent users who don’t have access to live cable TV. To begin with, BBC iPlayer in Ireland was devised to give people who are in Ireland and those who are not in the United Kingdom, the capability to watch BBC shows either on their laptop computers or smartphones. But like any other desktop applications that are continuously popping out in the market today like popcorns, problems can definitely rise up for people who frequently use BBC iPlayer in Ireland to watch TV shows and below are some of the problems users can encounter along the way:

  • The first problem of watching TV through such desktop applications is that it has very limited channels for users to choose from. Why? Since the application is produced and run by BBC, expect to see BBC channels and shows only. You cannot simply expect other channels from other TV networks worldwide to pop up in a TV player that is first and foremost, owned by BBC.
  • Now, if the application isn’t working and you decided to check BBC’s home page, you will instantly read a message, stating that BBC iPlayer is temporarily unavailable. This is obviously due to various technical glitches and you will be forced to wait until the problem is fixed. But what if it took days before the problem gets fixed? This is a rare occurrence but whether BBC will admit it or not, it does happen and it’s really frustrating.
  • Another frequently nagging problem which has been bothering some users of BBC iPlayer is the inconsistency of the quality of video they are receiving especially if they are streaming an episode of a BBC TV show. In some cases, the deterioration of the quality of the video viewers are getting is due to the speed of the Internet connection or other related problems. This problem is usually encountered by users who use the application on their smartphones because unlike laptop computers, smartphones and tablets have very limited memory to allow full-blown, high-definition viewing experience especially if you’re watching an action-packed TV series.