Usage And Maintenance Tips For Hammer Crushers

A hammer crusher works by crushing materials from 600-1800mm up to 25mm in size. It can also crush materials smaller than 25mm but generally, hammer crushers are used for grinding fine to medium hard materials used in different industries such as metallurgy, chemistry and electric power. A hammer crusher is also popular in crushing ores found in cement, hard stone, slag, limestone, coal, and hard coke.

A hammer crusher is one those machines categorized as high speed rotating crushing machine. To ensure that the machine will work properly, it is recommended for an operator to have the machine regularly checked by a qualified technician and that operation regulations should be followed religiously. For a hammer crusher to function in an optimum level, take a look at the following tips:

  • Before running the hammer crusher machine, check the operational procedures and make sure that you follow each step including the correct sequence. Skipping any of the steps could be costly both to the machine and the operator.
  • Check the crushing chamber of the unit. Make sure that the chamber is empty and free from residual materials or materials left from the previous crushing before turning the machine on.
  • Remember that hammer crushers come with several bolts including foundation bolts and liner bolts. If you noticed any loose bolt, tighten it accordingly before proceeding with your work.
  • Apart from the machine itself, regularly check its different parts such as the hammer head or liner. Replaced any part that shows signs of wear or damage.
  • The lubrication system is another part of the hammer crusher that needs to be regularly monitored. Apart from that, you also need to check the rotor bearing’s temperature. See to it that the temperature is maintained below the recommended level. High temperature could damage the machine and any increase should be reduced to normal levels.
  • During operation, make sure that the materials are properly fed to the machine.

The grid bracket of hammer crushers can easily be adjusted to your desired height. Check the output of machine after feeding the material to it. If you are not satisfied with the output, replace or adjust the grid right away.