Tulle And Its Uses

What is Tulle? It is a popular netting which is made from nylon, silk or rayon. This is commonly used for different purposes. The tulle fabric is typically used for clothing items including dresses, skirts, bed skirts, coats, jackets and bows. Tulle netting is also very popular used as tutus and veils.

Tulle is often starched and made into a wide array of colors which can be easily dyed in order to suit the needs of the clients. The name Tulle actually is a city in the southern region of France. The town of Tulle was well known as a center for silk and lace production during the 18th century and early tulle netting originated from this French city. Early traces of Tulle netting appeared earlier in Parisian ballet costume. The majority of the material is actually bobbinet which was invented in UK in the early 19th century. Bobbinet is created by wrapping the weft thread around the thread which is warp thereby creating a very strong hexagonal design which also tends not to twist or fall of its shape since the wrapped threads maintain its state of tension. The result is tulle netting which is surprisingly strong, lightweight and durable for its weight.

Tulle Fabric

The tulle fabric is very famous since it can be used for different applications. Since it has excellent physical properties, Tulle can be used for different purposes which includes giving a lacy or floating look on a material. It is also used in underskirts and petticoats in creating a bell-shaped image. The tulle fabric can also be used in things like insect control. You can stretch the material in order to create a net which is strong enough to be kept from collapsing but at the same time open to allow breathability.

Tulle for Decoration

Decoration is another typical use of the tulle material. Wedding decorations are actually among the more applicable, practical use among these. Tulle wedding decorations include ribbons, flowers as well as wedding dresses. Tulle netting can also be used for bagging and are also quite popular for different festivities including birthdays and other events. If you are interested in using the material, you can check out Paper Mart tulle and inquire the manufacturer for the price.