Troubleshooting Your iPhone Charger

If your iPhone charger is broken, you don’t need to have extensive knowledge in repair to troubleshoot it and find out the cause of the problem. Troubleshooting can help you decide if your iPhone charger needs just a little repair or you need to buy a new one.

If you use your iPhone throughout the day, it needs to be charged quite a few times. The constant plugging of the charger and unplugging after can cause some damage to it in a few months of use. A broken iPhone charger is useless and you only have two choices, repair it or get a new one. Purchasing a new charger can be expensive and not very economical. To help out, here are some troubleshooting techniques to determine its damage.

Every charger used in iPhone devices have two parts, the power adaptor which contains the plug and the cable that is attached to the phone in one end and the power adaptor in another end. One you have attached the cable to the power adaptor, charge your device. If after attaching to a power outlet and it does not show any sign that it is charging then try these techniques.

– Check of the power outlet is broken. Try plugging the charger in another outlet.
– Check if your device is the problem. You can do this by using the charger in another device powered by Apple.
– Check if the fault is between the cable and the adaptor. You can do this by using another cable if you got a spare one. If it’s still not working, try plugging the cable straight to a Mac computer instead of the power adaptor and see if it charges. If it does then it means that the cable is working fine.

– If all three mentioned above is working fine and you can’t see anything wrong then it must be that the power adaptor is broken. To prove this, you can exchange if you have a spare one or you can borrow from someone with the same but working charger.

The techniques mentioned above should be able to help you determine the fault in you charger.