Trackr – Innovative Device To Track Your Car In The Parking Lot

One bright sunny day, you parked the car in parking lot and went shopping. When you returned to the parking lot, you forgot where the car was parked. You start roaming around the parking lot while clicking on the panic button of the car keys hoping that the alarm will go off. You are frustrated because you want to go home and rest after shopping for hours.

The most obvious solution is to install a GPS system to track the car but it is way too expensive because you need to pay the monthly subscription fee. A better and less expensive way to track your car was introduced by a California-based startup. It is called the TrackR, a tiny device that works with the Smartphone. The TrackR app is free and it can easily be installed in the Smartphone. Simply download the app to your device and it is ready to be used.

The TrackR device can be attached to all the items that you want to keep tabs on like the keys, briefcase, wallet, tech gadgets and of course your car. When these personal items are missing, you can use the app on your Smartphone to track them. The whole tracking process will take about a few seconds. To make sure that car thieves will not find the tracking device, hide it under the car’s floor mat, in the trunk or glove compartment.

The app can be downloaded for free but you have to pay $29 for the device that is as small as a quarter. The price is certainly more affordable than other technologies used for tracking. The device is unobtrusive enough to be hidden. You can even attach it to your dog’s collar so that you will not need a search team to find the dog whenever it manages to escape.

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