Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Winters

Majority of the drivers dread winters. The roads are slippery with the mud and snow, making it risky to drive. Here are a few guidelines to make driving comfortable and safe during winters.

Get winter tyres in Brisbane fitted on all the four wheels

It is advisable to fit winter tyres on all the four wheels. Majority of people fit them only on the drive axle, which is not good for the safety as fitting winter tyres only on front wheels, make the rear axle to slide easily. On the other hand, fitting winter tyres in Brisbane, only at the rear axle makes it risky to take a turn or drive straight.

Maintain proper tyre pressure

Colder temperatures means the tyre loses pressure easily. Check the pressure of the tyres regularly, especially during the colder month. If you observe the pressure is low, fill the tyres as per the manufacturer recommendations.

Prepare for winters beforehand

Schedule a trip to the mechanic to prepare your car for the winters. Get all the parts checked and repaired. Have a close look to identify any cracks and get them closed. Check the oil levels in the engine and refill using an anti-freeze. Stock on anti-freeze solution to use during the winters. Check the batteries and replace the fluid, if required. Check the braking systems and lights to ensure they are in working condition. Get the tyres checked and get them rotated and aligned before the winters.

Examine the windshield

A clean windshield is utmost important to provide good visibility for the driver. Check the windshield and get any minor cracks repaired as they will get worse during winters. Check the windscreen wiper blades and replace them if required. Damaged wiper blades can cause scratches on the windshield.

Winter screen wash

It is important to have the windscreen washer filled with a winter use screen wash. Ensure the bottle is full and in working order. Do not use water to dilute the screen wash liquid as the water tends to freeze, use anti-freeze instead of water.

Follow these simple tips from the experts and you are all set for the winters. However, do not forget to buy winter tyres in Brisbane, of a reputed manufacturer for a safe driving experience.