Three Popular Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpets helps to extend their life and to maintain its original shine and texture. There are different techniques of carpet cleaning. Homeowners should choose a correct cleaning technique depending on the material and texture of the carpet.

Here is a list of some popular cleaning methods used by popular carpet cleaning in Perth companies.

Carpet shampoo

Carpet shampoo is one of the technique used to clean carpets. A shampoo, which is specifically designed for cleaning carpets is carefully applied on the carpet. The foam from the shampoo attracts all the dirt which is trapped inside the carpet. The shampoo is left on the carpet for some time to dry, once the shampoo dries it becomes brittle and separates from the carpet. The separated brittle pieces of shampoo and dirt are cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Shampoo cleaning is one of the oldest and commonly used form of carpet cleaning. However, you have to choose a quality shampoo that suits the carpets fibre and texture in order to avoid damaging the carpet.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is also popularly known as hot water extraction technique for carpet cleaning. This effective technique uses hot water, which has temperature of 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit to clean the carpet. The hot water is mixed with a cleaning solution and sprayed onto the carpet. The high pressure of the water, loosens the dirt and debris attached to the carpet. The dirty water is sucked in using a vacuum cleaner.  Deep cleaning eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses and makes the carpet anti-allergic. The temperature of water should be set depending on the requirement of the carpet fabric. Steam cleaning will give better result when performed by a professional carpet cleaning in Perth Company that specializes in carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Dry powder

The dry powder method does not require any water and hence it is also called as dry cleaning. The carpet cleaning in Perth professionals use a dry powder, which is made using carpet safe detergent, solvent and little water. The powder is spread all over the carpet and allowed to stay for some time. The powder absorbs all the dirt and debris accumulated on the carpet. After the prescribe time, the dry powder is removed using a vacuum cleaner.