Things To Avoid When Handling Network Cables

Network cabling can prove to be a challenge especially to those who do not have the right knowledge on how to handle the cables the right way. Improper cabling can cause issues sooner or later and can sometimes cost a lot of money for business. There is a big difference when it comes to telephone and data cable as the latter requires a proper approach in because there is risk of data lose while telephone cabling have quite the tolerance when it comes to errors caused by tangled cables.

There are common mistakes that people handling the network cables tend to do over again. This list will highlight some of them in order for you to avoid then in future when handling network cables.

  • First common mistake is when the person tasked to do the job fails to make a plan in case any changes will occur in the future. There are times when a network connection speed is enhanced by the company and when this happens, will the cable still be appropriate for the same application? Also take into consideration that your company might someday move into new place and therefore new cabling will have to be installed. This is where the decision comes in – to use the cabling technology the company has been using before or to use something new that will meet the demand of today’s technology?
  • It is a mistake to use two separate cables for the data and voice. There are companies that prefer to avoid spending too much budget on twisted pair cabling that they would rather install two different kinds of cables for the voice and data. What happens is data gets the best cabling there is while voice settles for something cheap. Companies should take into consideration the role that voice is now playing and should invest the same amount when deciding for cabling.
  • There are businesses that considers cable management as an added cost without realizing the role that these plays in maintaining the cabling system.
  • It is important to keep in mind that cable should not be installed parallel to the electrical cables. These common mistakes are often repeatedly committed because companies fail to consult cable wiring experts.