The Role Of Innovative Technology In Packaging Design

Technology plays a very big role in the packaging design of devices that include smartphones, tablet computers and wearables. Innovative technology is enabling new developments in packaging high tech equipment to provide benefits across the entire supply chain from the manufacturers to the retailers down to the consumers.

One example of technology used in the smart packaging industry is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) combined with cloud computing and data analysis. The smart packaging industry has used RFID for years because of the benefits of enhanced security, safety and logistics for consumer products. Although the cost of implementing RFID in packaging is significantly higher than traditional packaging, the benefits have been consistent throughout the entire supply chain.

In order to reduce the burden of high costs in the implementation of RFID, ELink has developed a solution by integrating an ePaper display on the RFID system. The ePaper display is very important because it records data while the product is in transit without requiring any additional devices to decipher and access the recorded information. The status of the package can be checked in real time with no power required in holding the image due to the bistable nature of the ePaper display technology. The ePaper display has the characteristics of flexibility, light in weight and durability which are important for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries because their products are environmentally sensitive.

Other innovations in the packaging industry include QR Codes and NFC (Near Field Communication) tags on consumer goods that allow marketers to interact with their target audience. Product information including marketing content can now be seamlessly integrated on the packaging design to enhance user experience. Smart technologies also provide the potential for a new advertising medium that can revolutionize packaging and at the same time extend the reach of companies to their customers. is also streamlining the process of unique packaging through its point and click design studio that creates an artful gift bag or gift box in the shortest time possible. Customization of packaging design is now the trend to provide consumers with a relatively different experience. You can create your own design and will do the rest.