The Exponential Growth Of Mobile Marketing

Facebook has revealed that for the third quarter ending September this year, mobile advertising revenue amounted to 78% of its total advertising revenue or $10 billion in sales. The same period last year generated 66%. The number of ads has increased dramatically with video advertising gaining a very strong growth. The total monthly active users of the social media site also experienced overwhelming growth and now stand at 1.4 billion.

This is a trend that can no longer be ignored particularly since social use on mobile has reached 103% and is growing rather rapidly. In fact, mobile has surpassed desktops in a number of areas that is why advertisers are hurrying up to go onboard to exploit the growing channel. It can be said that mobile advertising is not just a fleeting fad but a marketing tool that is bound to stay for a long time. However, to take advantage of the opportunities provided by mobile, it is important to combine quality content with effective mobile marketing.

According to Marla Schimke, VP marketing of Zumobi, mobile content marketing will the hottest trend in 2016. For businesses, it is critical to start now or risk losing out. Brands have to reimagine their traditional digital advertising strategies like email campaigns, pop-up ads and web banners. They have to start a content marketing campaign that will be interesting enough for customers to go on a personalized journey with the brand.

Personalization is something that customers look forward to and customs content can be a powerful tool in marketing particularly when used on mobile. In a recent survey, at least 90% of consumers are looking forward to customized content as opposed to installation of ad blockers to dissuade pop-up ads. Original content is more interesting to both consumers and search engines but through mobile marketing content becomes more visible to web users.

In a market that has grown more sophisticated, electrical services Perth is given the opportunity to engage with customers through appropriate marketing tools for mobile. Custom content on mobile is the key to encourage people to engage with your site and ultimately lead them to become your loyal customers.