Technology And Its Impact On Event Planning

Almost two decades ago, event planning is ruled by a system based on papers and documents. We have come a long way from event hire in Sydney to using technology in organizing events. Event planners are more effective in what they do through the use of technology. Automation is now prevalent when it comes to planning meetings. Here are a few techs that are changing the field of planning industry.

  • Wearable technology. This is starting to get a grip in the day to day life of event planners. Leading names in technology like Apple and Samsung are already capitalizing on these wearable devices by developing smart watches and the Google Glass. They recognize that there is a big future for wearable tech in the industry of event planning. It can improve various processes involved in organizing an event such as inspecting venues and choosing the food and drinks. Wearable technology can also be employed in various opportunities including directions for travel, software to recognize faces, menu options, appointment updates and gathering contact information.
  • This can be utilized to make registration a breeze. It can also aid in data analysis, qualitative as well as quantitative, which helps them determine things that worked during the event to encourage repeat attendees. RFID can also improve the engagement of the attendees in different social platforms. With the help of RFID, they were able to have raffles and contests wherein winners are easily identified with pictures and posts updates on social media.
  • Virtual Reality. It now joins the latest trends when it comes to events management. It is common to see virtual information booth that helps in answering FAQs from participants of an event. It also helps relay important messages to attendees.
  • Apps for multiple uses. Programs and guides for the event are no longer printed in paper but a dedicated event app is developed. This is often used by event hire in Sydney to create a channel where attendees can interact and socialize not only during the event but even before and after. Though there are challenges in this particular aspect, development will encourage users to download the app.