Technologies That Can Make The Heating System More Efficient

Many people are aware that boiler repairs in Wakefield can make a boiler more efficient to save on energy costs. Experienced engineers will check the boiler and replace parts that are damaged. However, a home can also save on heating costs by using advanced control systems that are more popularly called as smart heating controls.

Smart thermostats can make life convenient for many people. It can shut off the heating when you are out or turn off the boiler early so as not to exceed the set temperature. With Open Therm which is an open standard digital interface for modern boilers, the smart thermostat can change or modulate the temperature of the water that will be used for heating.

In traditional heating systems, the boiler is turned on or off using a simple relay. Water is heated to a preset temperature when the boiler is on. The thermostat will tell the boiler to turn off but sometimes the radiators come to full blast and overshoot the set temperature. As a result the thermostat has to wait for the temperature to fall before it kicks the boiler to maximum gear.

Smart thermostats understand how long it will be to make the home warm. It can also measure the heat that is required by a home. It can set the boiler to the most efficient water temperature for energy savings. Open Therm can reduce water temperature in order to balance natural heat loss through the walls, windows, doors and roof of the home.

It is very likely that homes in the United Kingdom are not using the technology because they have older boilers that do not have the required Open Therm interface. Some new boilers do not include the technology and requires Open Therm to be installed. There are also instances when the smart thermostats do not support the technology.

It is worth checking with boiler repairs in Wakefield whether the boiler is compatible with smart thermostats and if Open Therm can be enabled. The boiler engineers are the best source of advice when it comes to technology because they are trained in boiler operations. A reliable response can be expected immediately.