Tech Trends That Look To Improve Events

Technology is ubiquitous in this day and age, and, with that, people expect developments that improve or simplify their lives. No industry is past that, especially not the event industry, from the smaller marquee hire on the Gold Coast to the massive, worldwide events like Coachella.

Event technology is doing plenty to help improve events, and there are several developments in technology that looks to improve events, and how they’re handled and how people are able to attend.

  • 3D interactive invitations: These invitations, utilizing 3D graphics, are set to challenge the supremacy of e-mail and paper RSVPs. Their 3D technology provides improved recipient engagement, which can lead to increased event attendance and excitement.
  • Mobile check-in kiosks: These intelligent check-in kiosks, which move and operate autonomously to more crowded areas, which will help in alleviating congestion when it comes to the traditional check-in queue. That’ll help cut down on stress people go through when trying to register to events.
  • Facial recognition: Facial technology might be the replacement to scanning badges or tickets. While going through that packed tent from marquee hire on the Gold Coast, it’s not unexpected that some people end up losing things. Facial recognition tech can recognise delegate emotions, as well as detect feedback from cameras watching event spaces, which will also let organisers adapt their programmes in real-time in order to meet attendee demand.
  • Telepresence: Telepresence is the next stage of video interaction, where remote attendees can now interact with events as if they were right there, even if they’re on the other side of the globe. This will remove the issue of being unable to make it to events, and could see a lot of use in more personal events, like weddings.
  • Voice interfaces: More than 35 million people use mobile voice assistants, so developers and looking at voice interfaces that act like concierges.

Event organisers want the best experience for their attendees, which is why they only accept the best marquee hire on the Gold Coast or anywhere else. Technology that makes that possible, as well as improving simplicity and reliability will push the event industry forward, all with the aim of refining user experience.