Start With A 5 Star Hotel In SaigonTo Enjoy Your Vietnamese Vacation

Vietnam has two names for its capital, Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon. Now here is an intriguing story why the capital has two names here. When you arrive in south Vietnam, you’ll be confused as to where to go – some population call the major city “Ho Chi Minh City” and the other half referring it as “Saigon”. Even at the airport code, it shows SGN but if you’re going to the city centre, you’ll probably read welcome to Ho Chi Minh City. So, which really is it?  You will find out if you’re searching for a 5 star hotel in Saigon and want to start touring and exploring.

Officially, the southern capital centre is Ho Chi Minh City, and has always been for many years. However, some visitors and locals still consider the city as Saigon. The two different titles dates back to the Vietnam War, which naturally ended not so long time ago in 1975. Although the Vietnam War is also referred to the American War, the history of the country is a bit more complicated than America versus Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was actually a war between the north and south of Vietnam. Communist allies like the Soviet Union and China supported the former, while America and Australia, the anti-communist troops, assisted the latter. In 1975, the north of Vietnam won the war and renamed Saigon into Ho Chi Minh City. It was in honour of the revolutionary leader of the communist party and the prime minister of Vietnam.

The name change wasn’t favoured by those living in the south; but was a statement for the success of the north. As you can ever imagine, the move was extreme at that time where many Saigonese locals left the country. However, today, the two names are no longer used to signify a political statement. They are now used to refer to the Vietnam city in many different ways.

These days, Vietnam has been considered one Asian country where many travellers like to come and see. They have so many beautiful sights like the War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Jade Emperor Pagoda and the Giac Lam Pagoda. So, just ensure you’re booked in a 5 star hotel in Saigon for a relaxing and comfortable stay in this country.