Solar Power And Solar Panel Installation – Why Go Solar In Gold Coast?

In Australia, thousands of homes have already reduced electric bills and carbon emissions by installing solar panel systems. Those who have not switched yet are subject to the country’s highest electricity cost. An average household spends approximately $1000 for electricity per year. This expense can be eliminated by harnessing the unlimited energy of the sun.

Favorable conditions

Australia is one of the world’s best places in harnessing solar energy. Gold Coast is a very sunny city, an average of 300 sunny days annually. With the right panel size, this ideal condition makes an offsetting or a complete coverage of electrical needs in a home.

Easy maintenance

Solar panels are generally easy to maintain and durable. Most Gold Coast solar panel system only requires service and cleaning once a year. Hire a professional as it may be hazardous, dealing with water on an electrical device plus working on a wet roof. Also, solar panels can become very hot even when not in use. This will already ensure efficiency in giving you free electricity year-round and for the succeeding years to come.

Green energy

The Gold Coast emits 9 million tonnes of equivalent CO2 a year because of its reliance on fuel for the generation of electricity. Join the 46,000 residents in Gold Coast currently on renewable energy by switching. Apart from free power, you will help lessen carbon footprint, which would translate to 16 tonnes produced by every household per year. The system does not produce any air pollution or any greenhouse gas emissions. Rather than using power sourced through combustion – such as fossil fuels – opting to use clean renewable energy helps reduce one’s contribution to global warming.

Home value

Solar power sufficient home earns plus points from any home buyer’s point of view. Other than reducing power bills, it will significantly raise the value of the property by 4%. This is because the system pays for itself in the long run. With a comprehensive system, a Gold Coast solar panel can even generate money by producing excess electricity. Excess solar electricity is fed back to the grid for others to use. It will be bought from the household, though lower than standard electricity rates, but still an extra income coming from a free source.