Nissan Introduces Self-Driving Slippers At Japan Inn

The comfort and convenience of guests is always the priority of hotel near Skytrain in Bangkok. Hotels train their staff to ensure that they can provide fast and friendly service to guests. All sorts of facilities and amenities are provided to encourage return guests. Guests who enjoyed their hotel experience are likely to return again with friends and family.

In Japan, some of their old traditions are being updated with new technology. In one inn, their latest offering is self-driving slippers which are considered as the latest in hands-free technology. Nissan Motor Co, the automotive giant, has developed a new system for slippers to “park” themselves at the entrance of inns by pushing a button. The slippers are ready for guests upon their arrival.

How does the self-driving slipper work? Each of the slippers is equipped with two tiny wheels, a motor and sensors that will allow the slipper “to drive” across a wooden floor lobby while using Nissan’s ProPilot Park Technology. The technology is the latest version of the all-battery electric leaf vehicle that uses high tech cameras and sensors so that cars can locate and park without driver input.

The simplified version of Nissan’s ProPilot Park Technology was installed at the inn which can be found in the resort town of Hakone. This March, selected guests will be able to experience the technology. According to Nick Maxfield, the self-driving slippers are meant to increase awareness on automated driving technologies. Nissan plans to launch self-driving car on the city streets in 2020.

It is not only self-driving slippers that will encourage guests to stay in the inn. The tatami-matted guest rooms offer features that combine technology and tradition. There are floor cushions and traditional low tables that have the capability to wheel themselves in place.

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