New Video Game Capitalizes On Players’ Fears

Remember that time when video games used to be very expensive that only those who are able to afford can enjoy the luxury. Now there are many cheap CD keys offer online and the genre of video games have also expanded beyond solo-shooting and role-playing games.

There are now many horror video games available for those who wanted to test their fears but Bring to Light proves to be on a different league altogether. According to the developer who designed the game, Keith Makse, the game has the ability to sense the fear of the player. Data are recorded from the heartbeat of the player and these are then used to make sure that the gaming experience is the scariest it can get.

Makse said that gamers who are using the heart-rate monitor will be able to hear their own heart beating which gives off the idea that the heart of the player inside the game is also racing. Biometrics is the technology used by the video game Bring to Light. The in-game experiences of the players change depending on the input recorded from the physical response of the human body.

The monitor for the heart rate determines if the scare level of the game needs to be decreased or increased. According to Makse, playing a horror game give the person a chance to feel fear without having them place themselves in a position where they are at risks physically. The emotions can still be felt but in a safer manner.

The use of the biometrics in video games was first introduced in 2000s but it was not 15 years later when the very first commercial video game was incorporated with biometrics, Nevermind by Erin Reynolds.

The horror genre in video games industry covers only a small niche considering how broad the industry is but developers believe that there will come a time when they can make a video game with biometrics technology that offers psychological benefit. For now, players will have to make do with cheap CD keys and enjoy the game as developers are still looking for ways to incorporate new technologies in the coming video game released.