New Plumbing Technology: What You Need To Know About PP-R Pipes

In any building, whether it is a business or a government establishment, a school, a hospital or even a simple house, one cannot deny the importance of plumbing. With this very reason, the plumbing industry has been developing new and advanced technology to help people avoid unfavorable plumbing situations in which they would need emergency plumbers.

Water is life, as most people say. That is why in the plumbing industry, they give importance to the veins that deliver water for people to use in drinking, washing, heating, cleaning and other more uses. There are many different types of pipes and the materials used to make them also tend to vary. There are pipes that are made out of steel which becomes very durable and strong but is unfortunately prone to internal and external rusting. Copper was also a popular material 20 years before but has now lost its significance due to the rise in price of copper. Plastic is now the most common material used in producing pipes. Plastic pipes have many varieties such as Polyvynil Chloride (PVC), cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

Recently though, there was another type of plastic pipe that was released to the public. Since then it has become a growing figure in the plumbing industry.

Enter PP-R

PP-R or Polypropylene Random Co-polymer is a pipe that can be used to deliver hot and cold water for water supply. PP-R pipes are extremely long-lasting and can last up to a minimum of 50 years. This kind of pipe is now popular with residential buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial buildings, even in hotels and ships.

They come in various colors like blue, green, grey and white among others. Insulation is not needed. PP-R pipes have excellent resistance to heat, pressure and are easy to handle and deliver. They are very environment friendly and can be recycled. Another factor that adds to PP-R pipes is that they are leak-proof and very durable. If you have PP-R pipes installed at home, your local plumber would probably be disappointed as he won’t get to visit your house that often.

Installation is an easy process and plumbers would be able to install them faster with specialized PP-R fitters. Unfortunately, these pipes come at a higher price but it would definitely be worth it.