Mobile Phone Signal Booster – Is It Legal Or Not In The UK?

In the United Kingdom, it is not legal to use mobile phone signal boosters particularly those that are sold online. The legal options are femtocells that are supplied by mobile networks and smart repeaters. According to an official advice from UK telecoms regulator Ofcom, mobile phone signal boosters occupy a grey area.

On one page of Ofcom’s website, it says there that mobile phone signal boosters are not sold on Highstreet or through mobile phone companies and if you are having problems with coverage, do not be tempted to boost the signal with an illegal mobile repeater. However, on a different page, it says that the regulator can make regulations that exempt the installation or use from the requirement for a license. So far, Ofcom has not granted licenses for the installation and use of repeaters but neither has it issued any exemption regulations.

Technically, Ofcom has not approved anything and it can make an opinion on what is legal or not and can take action against devices that are used illegally. It is important to be reminded that smart repeaters are not license-exempt like a phone that has to operate according to the terms provided by the mobile operator’s license conditions and the network that controls them. This means that if Ofcom tells the mobile network to turn off the repeater, they have to comply.

Although smart repeaters are installed in the premises of some users, they are monitored and controlled by the host network to make sure that they operate within the terms and conditions of the network’s license under which they operate. Other types of standalone repeaters that are not covered by the network license or exempt from licensing are not authorized; this means they are illegal. Don’t be tricked into believing bogus claims on legitimacy or the Ofcom-approved phrase on repeaters.

On the other hand, mobile phone signal booster is legal in the United States. If you will purchase the device through it works well with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular and other carriers. There is a wide range of models that will match with your requirements.