Meet the Newly Developed Self-Cleaning and Waterproof Paint

Ever since its conception, paint has been used in beautifying all sorts of surfaces while also helping to protect the surface it has coated. From houses to fences, paint has done an effective job in maintaining and raising the quality of numerous objects. But the paint that people are now enjoying is actually far from what it started with. Before, the materials and the chemicals used in the production of paint are those that are considered harmful or toxic to humans. Basically, the people before were pretty much beautifying their homes at the expanse of their health.

But the paint of today has gone far from what it started with. With the constant development and enhancement of paint, people are now enjoying the benefit of painting without fearing any risks to their health.

Lately, scientists from the University College London (UCL) have developed a new type of paint. This new paint had made used of newly developed nano-coating, making use of coated titanium dioxide nano-particles in order to create a new type of paint that has advanced self-cleaning and waterproof qualities.

Not only is the new type of paint waterproof, it is also very durable and tough, being able to withstand considerable wear, as evidenced by the fact that it was tested on paper, glass, steel and cotton wool.

Titanium dioxide, or simply TiO2, has been known to be used in sunscreen lotions. Also, it is cheap and readily obtainable.

The waterproof qualities of the paint help in the self-cleaning of the coated materials. This happens when the water forms numerous droplets that are in the shape of marbles. These droplets would then roll down the surface, taking with themdirt, bacteria and viruses along the way.

This can only happen when the surface is rough and waxy that is why the researchers at UCL have developed a paint which bears the same properties.

Ultimately, the new paint has been subjected to numerous tests that had proven its excellence in toughness, waterproofing and self-cleaning.

So when you think about hiring painters and decorators Northampton to help you paint your house, you now have a new paint option to suggest.