Making The Event Organizer’s Job Easier Through Mobile App

Event planners use their smartphones to manage events in real time with the touch of their fingers. They can order event products and services and perform other tasks in the most efficient manner. Since smartphones can be connected to the internet, event planners can access the website of marquee hire in Sydney while on the go.

Another indispensable tool for the event planner is the mobile app that is literally being used everywhere. Based on the results of a survey, at least 80% of event management companies and organizers use party planning or event planning mobile apps. The party planning app puts together different resources so that the event planner will not miss deadlines.

Event organizers usually have to work on guest lists, manage venues and create various schedules for event activities. The Event Management App is the ideal tool that includes all the requisite features that will help in managing all exigencies in a smoother, faster and more efficient way.

A great event organizing app must include a feature that marks attendees and the host calendar for the day so that they can be notified when an event is going to happen. A bonus will be a reminder feature so that attendees will not be late for the event. This feature will be possible if a Google Calendar can be integrated into the event management app. Google Calendar includes features that notifies users through email and creates custom reminders for all types of events.

The event management app should also include features that sort and categorize events on the basis of various filters like type, interests, price, date and time. The filter will make it easier for users to choose an event according to convenience. Finally, the app must be integrated with social media sites like Facebook so that users can connect to new friends they meet in the event.

A more beautiful presentation for a wedding, party or corporate event can be achieved through marquee hire in Sydney that has a team of designers at your disposable. The marquee can be accessorized with festoon and fairy lights, decorations and other items that can provide the event with a creative edge.