Latest Technology Trends In The Funeral Industry

Technology in the funeral industry is well-received by many while there are those sceptical about it. Those welcoming arms understand that technology will improve the services offered by the death care sector. For the sceptics, they are not sure about the effects of technology thus it intimidates them. It does not matter if funeral homes in Sydney are in favour or not because the fact remains that technology will eventually invade the industry.

Here are some of the latest technology trends that were seen in the funeral industry in 2017 and expected to continue this year.

  • Many years ago, funeral homes are only limited to the local community they serve because of their location. This limitation is no longer a challenge because of the presence of the internet. Cremation is more in demand than before and clients consider a lot of things when choosing a funeral home – the service quality, flexible options as well as the costs of the services. They are no longer tied to the funeral home close to their address.
  • A lot of funeral homes are now using analytics in order to understand their target market. The best thing is that these data accumulates everyday, which further benefits the online marketing efforts of funeral homes. Companies can set up their Facebook Insights or Google Analytics without charges. It also works well with search engine optimization to improve the online presence of a funeral home.
  • PewResearchCenter, a research firm located in Washington D.C., conducted a survey regarding the population of the United States and it turns out that millennials have already outnumbered the baby boomers. With this, it is expected that funeral planning will be influenced by millennials together with their elders. Funeral homes should understand that millennials grew up with technology therefore, it is only expected that the services offered are also in line with their preference.
  • Almost everything has a mobile application nowadays. It is best for funeral homes in Sydney to capitalize with this trend because it is bound to skyrocket in the next few years. It will not be surprising if the industry will focus on mobile services soon.