Inventions That One Might Be Using 15 Years From Now

It was not long ago that someone wished he could have a momentary glimpse of his loved one who is on the other side of the globe. With today’s technology, you can converse and see someone in real time. You can now fairly say that technology can grant the craziest imagination that you have in mind.

A futurologist by the name Ian Pearson gave a list of inventions that are sure to be invented by the year 2030.

• Active contact lenses

Instead of turning on the television, opening that computer tab or cellular phones, you can now watch television shows and movies through a contact lens. How cool would that be? You need not carry with you that bulky gadget.
You will wear these miniscule gadgets like you put on your contact lenses. These lenses are equipped with lasers and a component called the micro mirror to project the pictures directly to your retina.

The images that you will be seeing have high resolution and you could even request for 3D images.

• Dream linking

Today’s technology enables one to monitor the electrical activity of the brain using pillows with electronic fibers. This will even be taken to a higher level of sophistication. There are now scientific explorations to know what a person is dreaming about. In the year 2030, people will be able to share their dreams, even to the extent of becoming a part in your mate’s dream and interact with the characters in the dream.

• Shared Consciousness

Like computers that share information when linked with one another, scientists are devising ways to tap into the memory bank of a conscious individual and share it. This way, you could better understand people and the level of intimacy between beings will improve.

• Video tattoos

It is not far from possibility that one day a person could turn his thigh as a computer display of designs. You can also get an electronic make up. The tattoo is not temporary so you can change it anytime you like as you please and according to your mood swings.