Impact Of Technology In The Courier Industry

The internet is the reason why everything is not accessible in anyone’s fingertips. We can now ship items using international courier and have them at your doorstep in just a matter of days. We can shop from anywhere in the world because of the option for international shipping. This is all possible with the use of technology. Technology is used in various industries and the courier industry is one of them. Here are several ways by which technology helped change the courier market.

  • Estimate of when the parcel will arrive is already available. You don’t have to guess when it will arrive in your doorstep. Homeowners used to stay at home the whole day waiting for their parcel to be delivered on that day only to be disappointed. There is now an estimate of up to one hour of when they will deliver. This saves time on the receiver’s part and the couriers don’t have to deal with non-deliveries anymore. This eliminates misunderstandings between the courier and the customer.
  • There are now various options when it comes to delivery services. Years ago receivers have to wait for deliveries that could take up months. Now there is a variety of shipping options such as next day or same day deliveries. Some courier companies even deliver on a holiday and weekends. Technology is playing a big role such as the drone test that Amazon is doing to make it possible for drones to deliver them in the future.
  • All delivery services including local and international courier offer a tracking option through their respective websites. Tracking is important for businesses shipping large volume of packages because their customers have the option to track the current whereabouts of their parcels. There are even companies that equip GPS on their delivery trucks to give the customers exact idea on where they are already. It is expected in the future that minute to minute updates will be possible. There are companies that send updates through emails to let the receiver know where their package is. Several years from now, technology will surely change the way we send and deliver packages.