How To Convert VHS To Digital File?

A conversion service will help you convert an old VHS to digital file. You just need to choose a professional that provides an affordable service, with better results using a top-notch equipment and a comprehensive experience in films.

If you’re searching for the right video conversion and photo scanning services, avoid companies that have their work outsourced.  Also check if the company allows you to talk with that person converting your memories. In this way, you can specify your instructions on how the old VHS tape will be handled and you can have peace of mind with your keepsake.

There are also those who prefer to convert their old VHS to digital files. If you want to save money, time and learn the know-how, you can possibly convert the movies through your own PC, and here’s how:

  • Find an equipment to convert the movie. If you plan to convert your old movies, you need an advanced digital video converter for the job. It’s possible that you can find them online.
  • Set up your equipment. Follow the instructions given by the ADVC manual in setting up your Mac or PC. You also need to attach your media player.
  • If you have Mac, you need to import your movies to iMovie. When you are done with the setting up, open iMovie and go to ‘File’ and choose ‘Import from Camera’. A window will pop up and you’ll be asked to import from your ADVC. Press ‘capture’ in iMovie and play with your movie player. PC users can follow the instructions outlined by the ADVC manual. The only difference here is the device and the operating system
  • Be extra patient with the transfer and you need to avoid unnecessary pauses, rewinds and fast forwards. These may be captured by the final digital product and you may encounter some glitches. If it seems impossible to convert the VHS to digital file, seek a professional to continue doing this job.
  • Once converted and imported into your computer, you need a backup for memories. It’s a way to protect the transfer from computer crashes so you don’t lose them. You may back up through an external hard drive or cloud-based storage.

When you convert the VHS to digital file, you help reminisce those old memories you share with the movie. If you have all digitized, you can enjoy the movies anytime and as often as you want.