How Technology Changed The Tile Industry

Tile was invented many centuries ago and yet it continues to evolve because of technology. There are now many different variations such as grey stone tiles and every year new colour palettes are being introduced. The formats are different as well and the textures are as realistic as they can get. The bottom line is that manufacturers are now able to meet the current demands of their clients.

One thing that has made the biggest impact with tile since its invention is technology. According to manufacturers and tile designers, technology is the reason why the aesthetic trends in the industry is what it is now. HD printing is also developing to be better and better and with it comes to the improvement in tile design. There are now may tile look that can be copied and created using HD printing.

The top trends in the tile industry might look constant for the last five years but it could not be more false because the aesthetic and texture has surely changed a lot because technology has also evolved. It is safe to say that with every evolution in technology, tile industry is also moving forward. Tile category took a big turn when digital printing was made available because it made it possible for manufacturers to produce tiles in different shapes, colours, textures and designs. There is no limit where aesthetics is concerned.

Thanks to technology, homeowners can now have tiles that resemble real wood or real marble without having to spend a ton. The graphics of modern tiles have more depth in them and the designs are more realistic. Technology made it to be more accurate as can be. Looking at the past half decade, technology has taken the tile industry into a whole new world.

There are many tile trends that have come and go in the last five years but the biggest buzz came when large format tiles because very popular. The standard sizes of tiles are no longer attractive for many and larger sizes are more in demand. Five years ago, the biggest tile size including grey stone tiles is 18” by 18” but now it has reached as big as 36” by 36”.