How Small Self Storage Facilities Can Compete With Major Players

Many self-storage facilities like have to face competition from the major players. According to a survey made by Self Storage Association in the UK, there is an improvement on customer awareness among those who have never heard of the storage service. However, 55% of consumers still have limited or no knowledge at all about self-storage meaning that facilities must undertake the necessary steps for brand recognition.

The brand becomes the business identity and it helps build recognition in a community. Branding became more important when marketing campaigns were moved to the internet from the Yellow Pages. Previously, marketing campaigns ran to millions of dollars and the major players have the money to spend. However, there are several ways for a small self-storage facility to compete with big players through online marketing techniques.

Having a website is critical to the success of a small self-storage facility. When the website is optimized for search engines, it usually appears in the first pages of Google search results. One of the SEO techniques used by experts is the choice for the right keyword. To facilitate the search, the keyword should include the word storage plus the name of the community, for example, self-storage, Manchester. It also makes sense to name a facility after the name of the city or town because customers of self-storage will frequently search for units that are near their locations for convenience.

Consumers who are looking for self-storage must have a good impression of your website. It only takes a few seconds for the web design to gain a positive impact which means that the website must be effectively designed to gain attention. Since it is very likely that potential customers will be using their mobile phones to search for self-storage, it makes sense for web design to be optimized for mobile.
The website must be able to communicate effectively with the target audience.

Blogs and forums will give you an idea on the improvements and amenities that the target audience expects form the storage facility. Perhaps, the customers want online billing system for more convenience. It makes sense to stay current with developing self-storage trends to keep up with the competition.