Hammer Crusher Maintenance

A hammer crusher is a type of heavy equipment used primarily to crush hard and heavy materials, as the name suggests. A crusher can crush materials of up to 600-1800 mm to 25 mm or smaller. Hammer machines are used in different industries such as chemistry, metallurgy, electric power industries, ores or stones in cement. A hammer crusher is considered to be a primary machine that works with high speed rotation. Just like any other heavy equipment, operators must adhere to proper use and maintenance for the equipment’s longevity. Proper handling and usage must also be observed to prevent unnecessary repairs and damage. Here are some operations regulations for hammer crusher operators to follow.

  • Prior to first operation of hammer crusher, follow the proper operation sequence found on its manual. If you are not sure how to go about it, ask a licensed operator or mechanic to do the first operation of the machine.
  • Check the crushing chamber before and after every use. Make sure that there is no material inside to prevent damage.
  • Check the vital parts of the crushing machine such as the foundation bolts and liner bolts to ensure that they are snug and properly in place. If any of the bolts are loose, tighten them to get optimum results.
  • The usual parts that are commonly subjected to usual wear and tear are the liner or hammer head. Replace these parts if you noticed any sign of wear or damage. When abraded, replace them right away.
  • The lubricant of the hammer crusher is another important part of the machine. Have the lubrication system periodically checked for full functioning result f the equipment. The rotor bearing’s temperature should be constantly monitored and placed under 60&#8451. It should not be any higher than 70&8451 to prevent over-temperature. When the temperature goes higher than the ideal, make it a point to immediately lower it down.
  • The materials fed to the hammer crusher must be evenly fed.

Lastly, check the final product and its discharge size. If you are not satisfied with it, adjust the grid to the suitable grid bracket height.