Guide In Maintaining Solar Panels

There is a sudden increase in households with solar panels on the Gold Coast and homeowners tend to leave the system alone as long as it is working properly. The fact is that there are a few things that should be done in order to make sure the solar panels are maintained and the shelf life is lengthen.

On top of the list is making sure that the solar panels are always clean. It is not surprising that many just forgot about the panels once these are installed on the roof. The entire system does not create any noise that would draw attention to it that it is not impossible to be forgotten altogether until such time it is no longer operating as efficiently. Solar panels work by absorbing the heat of the sun and if the glass on the surface of the panel is full of debris and unclean, it will not be able to do its job properly. This is why cleaning should be done regularly depending on how fast the panels get dirt and dust on them.

As the topic of cleaning is raised, how is it done with solar panels? If there is any way to access the solar panels and clean it within arm’s reach, just simply use a soft cloth to clean the glass. If it is quite far, employ a pool skimmer or similar object and wrap with a soft cloth at the tip in order to reach the solar panels on top of the roof. If the cloth is not enough, you can use biodegradable soap with it. Cleaning more often means you can easily clean them the next time by just pointing the hose at it.

When the solar panels were first installed, the installers made sure that there are no visible obstruction or anything that shades the equipment. It does not mean that the same thing will happen in a few months. It is possible for a nearby tree to grow a branch and shade a portion of the panel. If this is the case, cut down the obstruction.

Lastly, right from the first day of installation of the solar panels on the Gold Coast, you should record its daily performance. It will help you monitor that it is working properly and that there are no repair needed.