Friends Or Computers

Would you believe if someone told you that computers are better judges of your personality than your peers? As difficult to believe by some, this is actually true. This is according to a recent study by scientists.

There are numerous applications in social media. One of these is the personality test which predicts what ones personality is. It is amazing that the non-living computers could tell more accurately what your personality is than your close friends.

The scientific process

Scientists created a computer genius that searched through Facebook Likes of the study subjects. The computer model searched through the participants’ Facebook account and looked for different activities, online games, products, music bands, books, hang-out places and restaurants to which they liked. The study revealed that the computer model predicted the participants’ personality than their friends except for their spouses.

Findings: what it suggests

The new discovery suggests that one could make use of the computer to make important decisions in a person’s life. This could include his academic path, career choices or romantic relationships.

The downside

Relying so much in technology to make or break important decisions in your life could be unhealthy. Shouldn’t you be the one who must take control of your choices? How could something that does not even care about you influence most of your decision making? This is a radical way of letting things be. Somewhere, in the process, the humanness of people will lose its importance.

For the computer to be able to assist you in gauging your personality and what your future path would be, you need to share most of your personal information online. This includes sensitive information. Privacy will be an issue here. There have been several reports of hacking online. The hackers were able to penetrate through power house country’s military social media feed. Hacking seems to be an easy attack. If you share information online, tendency is that this information will be used by other people with dark schemes.

Advancing technology

With the constant research and studies, people come up with great, weird and detrimental ideas. Perhaps online TV stores will adapt this idea, incorporate it in their television menu. This could be an instant global hit.