Five Trendy And Stylish Eco-Friendly Tile Options

Eco-friendly flooring is the new trend in interior design. A majority of homeowners are looking towards eco-friendly options in tiles while designing a new home or renovating a home. With the increase in demand, the manufactures of tiles are coming up with trendy and innovative options in eco-friendly tiles that look stylish and classy.

Here is a list of some trendy eco-friendly tiles, you can choose from. Choose a reputed tile expert like, Amber tiles for trendy and eco-friendly tiles.


Bamboo is a tropical grass which has striking similarities to Hardwood. Bamboo matures very fast and provides the hardness of some of the Hardwood materials like, white Oak, rock maple or hickory. Bamboo tiles can be beautifully integrated into different types of d├ęcor schemes.


Cork tiles are made from the bark of evergreen Cork Oak trees. These trees replenish their bark in eight to ten years. So cork flooring is an environmentally sustainable flooring option. Some manufacturers also use recycled cork material procured from industries. Cork flooring is durable and is easy to maintain.


These tiles are manufactured by combining linseed oil with resins and wood fillers. High-quality linoleum tiles are hundred percent biodegradable. These tiles do not release any toxic fumes and are highly suitable for people with respiratory allergies. However, keep in mind to choose high-quality tiles which are green-certified.

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are the trendiest of the eco-friendly options. These tiles are available in multitude of sizes, colours and finishes. The stone tiles are created using natural methods and the materials are easily available in Earth. Stone tiles provide a unique aesthetic appeal to the interiors since no two tiles have the same look. Granite, marble, Travertine, slate are some of the examples of natural tiles.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are the most sought after option to accentuate a space. Glass tiles are manufactured from recycled glass bottles. Glass tiles are easy to maintain and do not stain easily. They are non-absorptive and are most suited for damp spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Glass tiles are available in an array of colours, shapes and sizes.

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