Exploiting Technology: How Do Burglars Think?

The following post is the product of a meeting we had with the guys over at ADT Alarm Systems. When you hear the word burglar, what picture comes into your mind? Most think of the masked men that silently tip toe in the dark, equipped with high technology break in gadgets. Contrary to this notion, most thieves are the regular looking people, dressed in something forgettable that enter through a narrow passage into your house or via an unlocked door or window.

In the year 2009, the United States alone reported at least 2 million burglaries in commercial homes and residential areas as reported by the Department of Justice. Sixty one percent of the break ins were forced entries while 32 percent of the burglars found an easy way in through doors that were not locked and windows left open.

How do burglars break into a house?

First, they find the perfect target.

The ideal targets for burglars are homes with occupants who work the entire day leaving the house empty for several hours. This way, they can have all the time they need to break in and steal all of the valuables in the house.

It is important for home owners to strategically turn off lights and sounds at some intervals. Some burglars ensure that there are expensive items in a target house that they peer through the window or any opening to look for items such as plasma television, antiques, jewelries and other valuables. To prevent these burglars from looting your house, you need to keep out of window sight these valuables or best, cover your windows.

• Take note of surveillance cameras

While home security system advances, burglars also keep themselves up to date. Burglars look for surveillance cameras in your house. They strategically walk in your grounds at angles that the cameras could not get a glimpse of them. Some professional thieves disable your surveillance system when they see one.

• Make use of technology

Burglars make use of the power of online social media and other forms of technology to help them plan and strategize their dark operations. How do they do it? Burglars surf the net and on Facebook for example, they stalk their targets. The target may post that their entire family will be on a vacation in the Bahamas for a week. This will be the opportune time for burglars to steal from the target.