Do Smart Appliances have Real Time Support?

One of the security solutions for a home is security window screens because windows as well as doors are usually the point of access for intruders. However, the trend today is smart homes with connected appliances and security systems that have become more sophisticated. This leads people to the important question on who will help when customers require real time support with the home digital instruments.

According to Zion Market Research, the smart home market will reach more than $50 billion by 2022. Voice activated assistants like Alexa, Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming more popular for households. Homes have smart appliances ranging from water heaters to refrigerators, smart TV’s and security systems. Features have become more sophisticated but with increased reliance on the home’s digital instruments.

Zohar Frankor, product manager of KMS Lighthouse says that companies are adding artificial intelligence (AI) services to contact centers and sales teams to that they can respond to customer’s most frequently asked questions before they make an informed purchase decision. In one of his recent blogs, Frankor said that chatbots and voice assistants are dependent on data. For example, if Google Home does not access Google but an internal repository for knowledge, customers will be unsatisfied because response to questions will be limited.

If a couple purchases a refrigerator but after 12 hours of being plugged in, it displays an error message, the company’s tech support will be required to fix the issue. It is very likely that tech support will only be available during business hours. Lighthouse that has designed connectivity to Chatbots like Facebook and voice assistants will allow a company to externalize knowledge through a visual display or voice interface on the device. Lighthouse combines real time human communication to enhance machine generated data and make a difference.

While it is true that a smart home is more efficient, security options like security window screens are still better when providing protection. Window screens have the good looks that are required by most homeowners and yet their strength in unsurpassable. Unlike burglar alarms, security screens on the windows and doors are physical barriers that minimize the likelihood of forced entry.