Digital Age Taking Over School Libraries

Reinvention is coming to libraries inside school campuses. Libraries used to be viewed as a place to read books and study while maintaining silence. This is no longer true as digital resources are becoming available and the spaces are adapting to provide flexible learning experience. They have turned to modern school furniture supplier to help them reach their goals. Activities are not buzzing inside libraries which give students the chance to unleash their creativity and collaborate with one another.

Librarians have also turned a new leaf as they learn to become masters of IT help desk and educators of digital literacy. This has a lot to do with the introduction of the K-12 system thus educational institutions including libraries are also required to adapt with the changes. Librarians are no longer deemed unimportant as they take on a more vital role in educating modern learners.

One example is Michigan’s Harbor Beach Community Schools which spent a total of $50,000 in renovating their high school’s library media center. The space now holds modern furniture, audio visual equipment as well as laptops. Prior to the remodeling, the students were commissioned by the district to answer a design feedback and the library was transformed into a space the students envision with high bistro tables along with soft armchairs. According to superintendent of the school, the library gives of a coffeehouse vibe because it is inviting and warm inside.

The library has become a place for students to tap into their creativity and collaborate with one another. They explored more regarding science and technology along with engineering and math. Libraries have become an ideal space to learn STEM because the students have the ability to code, build, tinker as well as solve problems inside the makerspaces.

Libraries have provided the students a space where an entire team can work on laptops or tablets without sharing devices. Therefore it is important to find school furniture supplier that will provide items suitable for tech-enabled activities. The students can also benefit a lot if there is a robust broadband connection inside the library to help with research and online activities.