Difference Between Gravity Drainage And Marine Vacuum Collection System

Garbage has always been a problem in many urban communities and various systems have been developed to solve this existing issue. There is now a new technology called vacuum collection system that was developed in the hopes of providing a solution for the trash problem. Many of the big industries nowadays are using the vacuum collection system in order to take care of their sanitation system. With the help of this technology, fewer workers are needed to manually handle the contaminated wastes which can be very harmful to human health. The same vacuum collection systems are now being implemented in marine vessels and the system is called marine vacuum collection system. Compared to the previous means used which is the gravity drainage system, the marine vacuum collection system has proven to be more efficient as well as cost effective.

What is the main difference between the gravity drainage system and the marine vacuum collection system? With the gravity flow system, it employs either an open channel or a pressurized system. In the case of pressurized system, the pipes are used as mediums to connect two surfaces of the open water by hydraulic means. The hydraulic link is present in two points of the system which is effective since the one point is creating an effect on the flow of the other point. The open channel system, on the other hand, the flow path that exists between the two points is made up only of the water system and it is open to the atmosphere.

In terms of marine vacuum collection, the differential pressure plays an important role in moving the wastes as well as the wastewater. There is a direction between the vacuum piping and the toilet bowls as well as the collection basins. There is a differential pressure present between the atmosphere and the vacuum piping. The same pressure is responsible in opening the valves which will move the discharged sewage and take them to the vacuum then eventually into the collection tank. The collection tank will hold the sewage until it has reached its maximum capacity before discharging it into the proper treatment plant onboard the vessel. If you have problems with your sewage system, the professionals at Pro-Jett can help you.