Diet Tips For An Effective HCG Weight Loss

Even if you purchase an effective product for your HCG weight loss, it would still not be as effective if you would not employ strategies to augment the effectiveness of the product. One way to augment the effectiveness of the product is to observe your low carb diet of 500 to 550 all throughout the diet phases. Diet phases could run from 3 to 4 phases depending on the plan that you are using. During the first phase, there is 2 binge days wherein you can eat all the fatty, sweet and high carb type of food that you can get hold of. This will fill your fat stores and signal your hypothalamus to release fat burning hormones. With the help of HCG, you will attain a speedy weight and fat loss process in less time. To make the process even more effective, check out the following recommendations in relation to your diet.

  • Keep track of your weight. At the start of the program, weigh yourself and note it down. At the end of the week, weigh yourself again to check your progress. Do this every week to see your weight loss development.
  • For breakfast, go for herb tea instead of organic or processed tea. For an effective HCG weight loss, avoid adding sugar on your drinks as this will not only ruin your diet, it will also add extra weight which you are trying to eliminate.
  • To supplement your body with energy and fluid, take a serving of fruit in the middle of the day. Take note that you will dramatically reduce your carb intake to 500 and this could affect your energy levels so take a serving of fruit to supply healthy sugar in your body.
  • To make your HCG weight loss effective, make sure to follow instructions such as not drinking or eating 20 minutes before taking drops. Place the drops under your tongue for 60 seconds then swallow the remaining liquid. You should not also brush your teeth immediately after taking drops to allow the residue or the remaining HCG to fully seep into your system.