CTI Logistics Acquires Stirling Freight Express, Widening Its Range Even Further

CTI Logistics, a logistics and transport company, recently acquired Stirling Freight Express, a Western-Australia based freight carrier.

Long Time Partners

Stirling Freight Express and CTI Logistics have been working together for a long time before the acquisition. They have provided Kalgoorlie, Albany, Bunbury, Geraldtonm and Perth container transport services. Their partnership has also reached the South-West of country.

Wider Reach for CTI Logistics

CTI Logistics expect the $4.5 million-deal to help them offer Albany, Bunbury, and Perth container transport services to other companies and businesses. Merging Stirling Freight Express is also expected to strengthen their regional freight network for more efficient operation.

About CTI Logistics

The company provides logistics and transport services across Australia. They have a wide array of services, from transport, to property and logistics. In terms of transport services, they have freight forwarding, fleet management, line haul, taxi trucks, line haul, couriers, and parcels.

They also have distributioncentres, temperature controlled warehouses, overflow warehousing, external laydown storage, quarantine inspection, and stock control management.

Based in Western Australia, the company has been providing its services since 1974. By 1987, it has been listed as a public company on the Australian Stock Exchange.

It has employed more than 1,000 Western Australians. The company believes in doing whatever it takes to deliver the products and provide the services that their clients need. This goes without saying that the company puts safety among their priority, creating a safe working environment to their workers, as well as ensuring the safety of the goods and products that go through them.

CTI has over 670 vehicles, from courier vehicles down to triple road train combinations. This makes their services even more far-reaching. The company also provides the complete supply chain solution with their distribution options and warehouses with temperature control to protect the quality of products they are handling. They also have a minerals and energy logistics division, which manages products related to mining, oil, and gas. This is something that not all companies offer.

The acquisition is set to widen these services even more, making their operations more efficient, and providing services to an even wider range of clients.