Creating An Intelligent Environment Through LED Technology

Businesses in various industries are making the effort to build intelligent environments through investments in LED lighting and senor-enabled networks. When a business upgrades to LED technology, energy costs are slashed by 50% or more.

However, this is only the beginning because if LED technology is paired with sensors and software, it can become a gateway to the Internet of Things (IoT) that holds amazing potential to collect, analyze and take action on data-driven insights that are used in commercial buildings and facilities. With more than 7 billion fixtures in the United States alone, the presence of lighting can be felt everywhere but when smart technology is used, even the unseen will be visible.

From Fortune 500 companies to the multi-billion tech company in Silicon Valley and companies manufacturing sports apparel, the adoption of new digital infrastructures have transformed their offices, buildings and facilities into intelligent environments.

Converting to LED is an intelligent and smart decision because LED lighting and controls can generate immediate energy savings. The savings generated from less energy consumption can be invested in sensor-enabled networks and a digital platform that will allow the sensors and fixtures to collect data that can be used for IoT applications and make the facility intelligent.

The way that businesses operate today has been changed through connected lighting. For example, if the company’s building and parking lots are installed with controls-enabled LED fixtures, the business can save at least 70% on its annual energy costs.

The same sensors that are used for LED fixtures can be used to predict systems failure to allow better schedules for repairs and maintenance and avoid unnecessary emergency fees. From the information gathered through the sensors, building maintenance can improve operations, reduce downtime and minimize disruptions in the workplace. When sensors are used to control site temperature, worker’s comfort and experience are enhanced to increase productivity.

LED lighting strips are an example of a very versatile light source. It can be used as backlight for light boxes and signs or in coves, pelmets and bulkheads for visual lighting effects. It is also the best solution for indirect lighting that is very important in today’s lighting designs.