Common Uses Of Magnets In Day-To-Day Life

Magnets are used in a variety of objects that are used in our everyday life. They are found in simple objects like toys and fridge magnets to more complex machines like computers and MRI machines. The size of the magnets also varies depending upon their use and application. While some magnets are very small and can be barely seen, others are large and weigh in tons. Magnets are generally placed in the inner mechanical system of the appliances where they work silently and aid in proper functioning of the appliance.

It is very interesting to know the common uses of magnets in Brisbane in everyday life. They are used in a variety of applications ranging from simply household toys and clocks to complex machines.

  1. Computers and electronics

Magnets are commonly used in computer and other electronic appliances. Computers store data on hard drives using magnetic strips. The speakers in computers, televisions and radios also use magnets to convert electric signals into sound.

  1. Power generation

Magnets play an important role in power generation. The magnets in electric generators turn mechanical energy into electrical energy. Some magnets are also used to turn electric energy back into mechanical energy.

  1. Industrial uses

Magnets have various uses in various industries. Recycling industries uses electric magnets in Brisbane in cranes to sort and move heavy pieces of metal. Magnets are also used in food processing industry to detect and remove minute pieces of metal from food. Magnets are used in mining to separate useful metallic ores from rock.

  1. Health sector

Most of the medical equipment contain magnets. Magnets are also used in treating some types of diseases. The MRI or the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine contains powerful magnets in Brisbane to create strong magnetic fields and get a detailed picture of the inside organs of the body.

  1. At home

Magnets are found in mundane objects at home. They are found in toys and games. Fridge magnets used to hold small items. In pocket compass that shows the directions. The most commonly used magnets in Brisbane are found in appliances like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, blenders, grinders and door bells. Magnets are also used in watches and clocks and many other machines, where they work silently in the background and aid in the smooth functioning of the machine.