Card Countermeasures: Choosing Security Tech For Your ID Cards

A business requires a lot of things to keep it working. Resources, employees, security, etc. The list is long, and the needs numerous. But the rewards are just as numerous, and can make running a business worth it.

One of the key things in a business is security. It is both a need and a reward; ensuring the security of your business can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive, but it pays for itself quite easily. To this end, even something like IDs, like your ID card in Australia, is being reinforced with technology in order to provide security. Of course, what purpose the ID will be for will useful, overdoing it is a waste precious resources. So here are our tips for choosing your ID’s security technology based on the security level demanded; no need to have your ID card in Australia for your gift card have credit card level security now.

  • Basic. A simple ID card will suffice for this purpose. The PVC cards made by an entry-level printer will suffice for the security needs of simple cards such as student IDs, gift cards and the like. A barcode may be added for additional security.
  • Many modern ID printers are capable for encoding information to a card upon printing. This, combined with magnetic card stripes will suffice for low level security requirements, such as those needed in attendance systems, loyalty cards, hotel keycards, etc. They are more useful and versatile that the stock PVC cards used in basic security.
  • For security that demands more advanced information to be stored in a card, beyond the scope of a mag stripe, encoded smart cards will ensure security, especially when used in conjunction with biometrics and a kiosk payment system. As a consequence of all of the aforementioned security improvement, smart cards are more expensive than mag stripe cards.
  • Holographic technology has created security measures that are easy to verify and authenticate, with the caveat for counterfeiters in that they are difficult to counterfeit. They offer the highest level of security, for needs like those in credit cards, etc. There are a myriad of holographic options for an ID, with the additional benefit of additional ID life as the process of overlamination reinforces the ID card itself.