Breakthroughs In Technology For 2015 That Businesses Are Anticipating

In a few days, it will be 2015 and many people are on the lookout for new technology that will be introduced in the coming year. What technologies and gadgets will usher in 2015? Based on existing information, 2015 is expected to be a year of technological breakthroughs that will be highly beneficial to businesses. While these gadgets are not expected to change the way that business is done, they are highly anticipated in the business world.

What do businesses require from technology?

Better Wi-Fi standards – new gadgets and software programs will be introduced in 2015 but what most businesses anticipate is the uplifting of Wi-Fi standards to satisfy the performance speeds necessary for business processes. Hopefully, the promise of new Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11ac, 11ad and 11ah will maximize Wi-Fi performance. 802.11ac is a faster and more scalable version of 802.11n because it combines the performance of wireless with the capabilities of Gigabit Ethernet. A better experience will be provided for each client with more available bandwidth for a higher number of parallel video streaming. Wireless LAN sites will experience significant improvements in the number of clients supported by an access point (AP).

High memory storage – businesses have a growing need for more space for data storage for emails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, audio files and spreadsheets which are the very lifeblood of business. For legal reasons and to comply with government regulations, businesses are required to maintain and protect a backup for their data and many are archiving email messages dating back 5 years. IBM has recently announced a change in memory storage through its IBM 12-atom memory storage that can store the same amount of data using 12 atoms. This means that storage will be 100 times denser than what is present in hard disk drives.

Small-sized projectors that work with mobile devices – Business presentations always require the projector because it brings those images and texts to life. Presenters can engage with their audience and improve the way they can communicate with their materials but the experience would be better if they do not have to lug heavy equipment. Sekonic DLP Pico Keychain projector will be the world’s smallest projector that works through USB connection or smartphones, tablets and PC’s.