Benefits Of Mobile Technology To Electrical Contractors

With the advancement in technology used on smart phones as well as tablet computers, anyone has access to information and applications wherever and whenever they need it. This is especially useful for a lot of Americans because mobile date is now available all over the country. Technology presents a lot of benefits but what does it mean for electrical contractors, their clients and electricians who are working on the field?

According to Motorola Mobility’s senior director in enterprise, Sheldon Hebert, because of the innovations in terms of the hardware design and the developments in the processing power of mobile gadgets, contractors are able to fully make use of the speed offered by wireless networks. With this, the productivity of the employees is fully optimized and they are able to stay connected with anyone working on the field with the help of various features including calendar access and corporate emails.

A market research was conducted by the firm Gartner Inc., Stamford Conn., and it was predicted that the sales of smart phone units will be around 468 million at the end of 2011. This figure has shown an increase of 59 per cent compared to 2010. It was also estimated by Gartner that the units sold by 2015 will be more than 1 billion or will comprise 47 per cent of the entire market.

Back in 2011, Forester Research which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts predicted that the sales in tablet computers will be 24.1 million. This figure is twice the recorded number in 2010 which is only at 10.3 million. They have estimated that by 2015 the number will be at 44 million.

According to the vice president and general manager of Samsung Mobile which is based in Dallas, Tim Wagner, technology made it possible to customers to pat electrical contractors using only their smart phones thereby making the process easier.

Technology also helped electrician in Perth and anywhere in the world to utilize hands free devices while being able to work and communicate at the same time. Tablets are now equipped with more features making it compatible to be used as a computer while working on the field without the need to bring heavy and bulky devices.