Basic Principles When Designing Websites

Whether you are designing a large or small website, it is important to keep in mind some basic design rules.

  • The homepage should be able to illustrate top priorities. The main goal of the homepage is to be able to highlight and emphasize new information and place in top priorities. Make sure that your homepage has very clear hierarchy in that visitors should be able to ascertain the most important information but at the same time also have variety in what they are looking for.
  • Design for the reader. Most of the visitors in your website will want to look for specific information easily and quickly. Label as well as organize sections of your website which facilitate their needs which are task-oriented.
  • Provide consistent navigation. When you have settled on the main labels and sections for your website, you have to keep them consistent all throughout your website: the labels, colors and location of the website’s navigation should have to remain the same on every page of your website.
  • Give an idea to your visitors about your website. Visitors do not want to feel lost. You should make them know where they are and where they have been and where should be their next destination. It is always a good start to provide good navigation. It is also equally important to provide highly visible page titles.
  • Most website visitors do not read; they scan. Having this in mind, it is therefore important to make use of bold text, subheadings and bullet items in order to facilitate scanning.
  • The title of your pages should be simple, unique and descriptive. Visitors do not want any confusion or surprises about the contents of an article. A strong page title will tell the visitor exactly what he will get from the read or will help them decide if they should move on or read more.
  • Keep your graphics simple. Great design need not have plenty of fancy graphics. The visitors open your website not for the design but rather to look for information. Take for example it gives you immediately what you are looking for.