The Awesome Tech Behind Guardians Of The Galaxy Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the blockbuster movies released this summer. The movie is based on a superhero team from Marvel Comics and also produced by Marvel Studios. The lead role in the movie is played by Chris Pratt. Guardians of the Galaxy which is a box office hit, earned $752 million during its showing on the big screen.

The special effects shown, the amazing costumes used by the actors as well as the props make this movie perfect for the entire family. FBFX Ltd., one of the experts in movie props and costume, used 3P printing on almost all of the props and costumes used on the movie.

FBFX revealed that they used the Stratasys’ Object500 Connex for the printing because of its capability to print in multiple colours as well as textures, all within the same area. The precise detail and the printing quality are unlike any other printers available. The Stratasys eliminated lots of issues usually encountered during the props and costume making process.

Some of the most highlighted pieces on the movie were actually produced using either 3D molds or 3D printing. Take for example the whole armour of Korath, one of the villains in the movie, was made by 3D printing. Also, the helmet used by Star Lord shows off some of the 3D printed parts while the main structure is made with a 3d printed mold.
FBFX saved a lot of time as well as money after utilizing 3D printing. They finished the project half the time that it usually takes. Costumes and prop making usually takes weeks but with 3D printing they were able to finish the project in just a few days, enabling them to focus on other tasks. 3D printing also made possible for other workers to work remotely on the same project.

Three or four years ago, FBFX uses 3D printing for 10% of their projects. Now, they utilizes 3D printing in 90% of their projects which is a big difference The use of 3D printing proves that something can be done faster without compromising the end result.