Avoid Electrical Hazards And Residential Fires – Telltale Signs Of An Electrical Problem

It has been known that most fire incidents in the country are caused by faulty wiring. Approximately half or 48% of these are due to unbalance electrical distribution. Depending on the incident, electrical failure does lead to ignition that then leads to a fire. These electrical accidents could have been prevented with a routine home electrical audit. Most fires occur in the suburbs, but it should be known that there a lot of licensed electricians in Wakerley and to have a home electrical maintenance may just save you, your family and your property.

In the case of electrical failure, there is a lot of value that will be at risk. Electrical failures show warning signs before leading to something worst. Knowing telltale signs of an electrical issue may prevent more serious problems. If you are not a licensed professional in this field, it would be smarter to just contact electricians in Wakerley if you come across following signs:

Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an automatic switch designed to protect a circuit from damage in the case of electrical overload or overcurrent. Typically, all homes are equipped with a circuit breaker. When a certain wiring short circuits, circuit breakers trip and interrupt current flow. The fault is detected by its protective relays. The idea is to prevent wires from overheating, igniting and causing a fire. Circuit breakers are vital as the first line of defense protecting your home from electrical failures. Safety is paramount so regularly having circuit breakers checked is necessary. Especially if a circuit breaker frequently trips for no reason, it is best to contact an electrician to take a look at it. Even when it is shut off, electricity still flows to it from the main panel, so only a skilled and licensed professional is advised to work on it. Never replace a circuit breaker yourself, as replacing them with an incompatible rating may further cause overheating, and it is illegal. Handling electrical works by someone unlicensed is illegal in the country unless you are replacing a light bulb.

Shocks and Burns

A slight tingling sensation or vibration may be considered as a mild electrical shock when you touch plugged in devices and appliance. Faulty electrical wiring or a defective device may have caused it. This is an apparent sign to call a licensed electrician, as there could be a number of reasons why this occurs that ranges from nothing serious to fatal. A professional need to do it as it may require tracing the home’s entire electrical circuit to determine the problem. A mild shock while crossing a carpet should not raise any concern as it is only static electricity commonly occurring during winter. Also, if there is a noticeable burning odor or burnt colour coming from your lights, appliance, switches or power outlets, immediately turn the main electrical panel. A burning smell is already considered a serious indication of a problem.