7 Technologies For Your Online Marketing Needs

With online marketing growing concurrently with the rise of social media, online marketing has become a big thing when it comes to business. Of course, that means there’s quite a bit of competition, so it’s no surprise that any online marketing company worth its salt would try to find any advantage it can get over the competition, while any half-decent company will try to get its online signature out nice and proper.

So, for those wondering what’s useful for online marketing, here are 7 technologies (with some examples) that’ll help you and your marketing team advertise the company over the internet.

  1. Analytics. Analytics basically track your marketing progress, and helps keep an eye on what’s happening with your online marketing efforts. An analytic program will give you data on what works and what doesn’t.
    • Google Analytics
    • Adobe Analytics
  2. Conversion Optimization. The principle behind conversion optimization is getting the people you and your company interacts with to do things that would benefit the company; ie. fill out forms, spread good word of mouth, etc. etc. Combined with good offers or proper marketing, the sites that you worked hard to make attractive can covert a great deal of customers for your business.
    • Landing Page Grader
    • Unbounce
  3. E-Mail. This one is the olden titan of online marketing, so it goes without saying that it is a key part of marketing on the internet. Not simple spam messages, but things like subscriptions and online newsletters, which is designed to appeal to the customer who gave their email adress.
    • MailChimp
    • Constant Contact
  4. SE Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is letting search engines like Google and YAHOO!! bring traffic to your site, which is accomplished by bringing in search results from your site in the first page(s) of search results, or by paying for search ads. This requires not only technical improvements to a site, but regular quality content produced by the site, which tends to be the key criterion in ensuring a search engine brings your site in during results.
    • Google AdWords
    • Bing and YAHOO!
  5. Remarketing. Remarketing is when your ads appear on other sites for a customer because that customer once visited your site. It’s precise, and cost effective, by virtue of the fact that your marketing efforts are aimed at people who actually have interest in what you offer.
    • AdRoll
    • Google Audience
  6. Mobile. With smartphones now becoming more and more commonplace, mobile friendliness has become more and more important in online marketing. Making your site mobile-friendly will ensure that you can reach customers on their computer or on their phones.
    • The most common method used to ensure mobile-friendliness is to give your site a responsive design, meaning that it will always make itself fit onto the device being used to view it.
  7. Marketing Automation. The big one that mashes everything mentioned above. It does all the aforementioned do, including personalization of site content, alerting your sales people, etc. It can do so much for an online marketing company, or any company, really.
    • HubSpot