4 Perfect Times To Hand Out Branded Merchandise

You can give away branded merchandise at any given time but there are certain times that are more effective for giving away promo items that when you give out the items, your effort will be more productive and fruitful. Some of the most ideal occasions include the following.

Business activities

One of the most suitable times to give away promo items is during major business events such as grand opening of a store or opening of a new branch and your shop’s anniversary. Giving away promo merchandise during such events can be your way of thanking your customers for their continued patronage to your business. Some of the best promo items to give away during such occasions are umbrellas, tee shirts, calendars, ref magnets, coasters and many others.

Community events

Some of the best times to give out promo products are during trade fairs and community events. These occasions are generally attended by a lot of people in the community. If you intend to reach the general public, giving away promo merchandise can largely improve your brand’s popularity. For community events, some of the most effective merchandise to give are pens, tumblers, umbrella, foldable fan,face or hand towels, key chains and other similar items. You can also sponsor an event and give out your branded merchandise as prizes.

Corporate events and seminars

Corporate events, conferences and seminars are great opportunities to highlight your brand because they are participated by specific groups such as students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, mothers or parents, etc. If you target a specific group to promote your brand, you can start by checking for such activities in your area and hand out your promo items. Some of the most suitable promo merchandise during conferences include pens, folders, sticky notes, notepads, tote bags and similar items.


Special holidays such as Christmas season and Thanksgiving are some of the most opportune times to give away branded merchandise because they are seasons for giving. Some of the perfect promo gifts to give away during such occasions are mugs, umbrellas, tee shirts, and wrist watches for high end customers, wine baskets with chocolates and cheeseand other customised products.